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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sew Worn-Out

Hey, I am back, not sure for how long.  Sorry I have not posted since Thanksgiving.  After get my sewing room back from all the things I threw in it doing the Thanksgiving dinner, I have been to busy to blog, working the 9 to 5, going on religious retreat, meetings and choir rehearsals.  I have a break tonight, I have sew my last button and last coin purse frame to things that I have been working on night and day, even taken things to work to sew by hand. 

During all this, good old Tom come in with a project from a friend that works with Artistic children.  The glue fabric on felt and since they are not stable, I took the pieces and sewed decorative stitches and then put it together for a quilt.


Sorry the pictures are not clear, put don’t you thing the backing is great with the monkeys hanging in the trees.  There were four blocks that I sewed together, you can not see the decorative stitches and found this great monkey fabric for the backing.

As I said earlier, have been making more coin purses and here they are.


 Yes, I have made eight more and need to get to work on another seven.  See my Red Skin purse, love it.  I




I get my frames from Jo-Ann’s, for only $4.95 on sale this week for $3.95. I have hit most of the Jo-Ann;s in my area and only could find two. One of my quilt buddies has two that she is giving me tomorrow, and as I was looking through one of the bends that I put my stuff in during Thanksgiving clean up, I found another 4 more frames, YAH!!  So I will get started on them later tonight.

Last put not least, here is a puzzle for you.  Below is scrapes from my latest two projects.  These are gifts for two of my running buddies, which I will reveal to you tomorrow night.  My New Members Ministry will be having our Christmas luncheon which I invited them to come.  This little project did not take too much time to make, put with me working it took be two days each.


Well, it is only 10:00 p.m and my favorite T.V. show just went off “Person of Interest” and “Elementary” is about to come on.   I still have time to go down and pick out fabric for my next 7 or 8 coin purses.

I am not ready for Christmas, are you?

Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. I love Elementary - it's a great show!

    Your little frame bags are adorable - I wasn't very successful at doing them so I ended up giving my extra frames to a friend :)

    Nope - not ready for Christmas yet, but getting there. I'm working on my last sewing project, but I'll be delivering it in person on Christmas Day so I still have time. I got some wrapping and cards done today, plus did some baking -- I'm not as stressed as I usually am because I'm more prepared than I usually am! When I finish this big project I may even do a few extra projects - I saw a pattern for mermaid dollies that I'm dying to make!

  2. Ya know, I had visions of sending out some small handmade gifts. I don't think that will be happening. But we'll see... things may change.

    Not ready for Christmas. but it's just hubby and I, so it will be what it will be.

    big hugs!

  3. I love your little coin purses! Are they difficult to make?
    I had hoped to have several handmade gifts ready this year. I got some ready, but will try to do better next year. Start in January.

  4. It's good to "read" you - miss the slow quilter. I'm liking your Redskins purse and no, not ready for the holidays......