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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

angrybirds1No, I am not killing any birds over here, I just like the saying.  Another day off form work, but have to hit the old JOB tomorrow, so I got some cleaning and washing done while I also working on my signature blocks.

What I meant, by “Killing two birds with one stone” is that I chain pieced by 4” squares' onto my 6” squares then turned them and stitched another 1/4” down the the other side.  This might not be new to most of you, but for beginners it might be helpful.  I got this from my favorite YouTube quilter Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Co.  


In doing this and cutting down the center I have created and HST block, (I think that is what it is called).  Now I have a 3-1/2” square I can use in another project later on.


I completed 20 blocks today and only have 30 more to go.  When I started to make mistakes, I new it was time for me to leave the blocks alone and come back another day to do.  I do not need them until November 16th, so I have time to work on them when I get home from work.


Here is one of the completed blocks.  I am using a lot of scrap fabric, oriental and batiks.  After I finish the blocks, I will have to cut up some freezer paper to iron on the back to make it stable enough to write on.  I most likely will not finish the quilt until after Christmas when I print out the pictures from the retreat.  It will give me time to put the other signature blocks from my other retreat together. You know how it is, you keep starting new projects before you finish the one you should.  What can I say I get board easily.  My mind keeps jumping from one thing to another.  “Peace Be Still” or should that be “Mind  Be Still”.  It is a wonder I get anything done.

Well, as you can tell by the time of this post that it is early for me.  I have my last load of clothes in the dryer.  I have cleaned up my sewing mess and ready to get upstairs and get my clothes iron for work tomorrow.  I really should wash my hair, but do not fell like it.  The Hart of Dixie is about to come on and then NCSI both of them, so I am taping all the shows just in case I fall to sleep.

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  1. Hope it's an easy day back to work.

  2. Ms. Slowquilter, your coin purse projects are awesome - will Santa be delivering one to California - I been a good girl all year long. Well, I do have one month to ......