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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Caleb’s Class Retreat

Hello:  Sorry I have been MIA, but I am back on the scene with new projects in the wings.
My bible class (Caleb) went on a retreat down in Sterling, VA for the weekend.  It was spiritual, knowledgeable and very enjoyable.

SAM_1334The first night was a meet and greet in our teacher’s room Lynn Freeman.  We were greeted at the door with Hugs and Kisses chocolate drops from Liz Queen (far right) and a welcome by Robin Yeldell (center), also presented to us by Lynn was a gift of a t-shirt with the class name and bible verse “Give Me This Mountain” Joshua 14:12 along with a copy of the Amplified Bible (I have been wanting a copy of this bible, but have not hand the funds to get a copy, OH GOODY).


And what is a meet and greet without food.
SAM_1335We had a great night, put turned in early since we were having a sunrise service 6:30 that morning.
During our early morning worship, Lynn was reading a scripture of all Gods creatures and look who joined us for the worship but one of God’s creature a duck.  After the worship we were given rocks to paint to symbolize God’s earth.

I would like to go on and on about the retreat, put this would be a very long blog so I will take you over to my presentation.  There was not any set agenda, but all of us gave a presentation and it was amazing how everything present just fell into place.  My presentation was about documenting this retreat with a quilt.  I made signature blocks before I left home, but did not have a real presentation other then passing out the blocks and asking the members to write what they feel.  While we were at breakfast something just came to me that I could read to represent not only the quilt but the feel of the day.  I read “A Quilt of Holes”, the poem has always touched my heart and was appropriate for the presentation.
I am hoping to finish this quilt by September when our Sunday School class will meet again.  It will be the signature blocks along with pictures from the retreat.
Caleb’s Class
I Believe In The Power of Pray.
The Slow Quilter


  1. I'm so glad you had an uplifting weekend with close friends. Your signature blocks will form a wonderful memory of this time together. Such blessings we have in our christian sisters.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful retreat. I was not familiar with that poem. When I read it, I was really touched as I am sure everyone who heard you read it was. I can't wait to see your signature quilt.

  3. I love the verse you used on your tee shirts - Give Me This Mountain. Love, love that! blessings, marlene