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Friday, June 1, 2012

What’s Going On

Well May is over and June is starting, the weather is rainy with thunder storms in the making.  It looks like server weather with maybe a tornado or very strong winds.  We already have flooding in Maryland, but does not look like much here in D.C.  Since I bowl in Maryland, (PG County) I have not heard anything server there yet.  Already I am having cable problems with the station in and out, and as you know most likely the internet will be out too. So I will have to see if I will be going bowling tonight.

Another good thing is that Tom and Daon (my stepson) was able to get the balls out of the drain in the basement before this rainstorm.  Hopefully this will fix the flooding problem we were having in the basement.

May for MeThe May 4 Me BINGO is still going on until someone gets blackout.  I am like 4 blocks away, but I know that someone most likely are just one block away from blackout.  Like I said, it was a fun May 4 Me and I enjoyed it.


 Craftsy BOM started to day and we will be doing two blocks, the Greek Cross and the Octagon Block.  I have not completed my April English piecing or even started on the May blocks, but I do plan to catch up this month.

I am still working on the secret blocks for my quilt challenge in June for the Family Day.  You will be able to see it around the 3rd Sunday in June.  So I will be coming home to try to do a block every day.  Might have time after church Sunday to get at least two more done.

Tomorrow, I have choir rehearsal in the morning, and later that evening I will be teaching my girlfriend beginning quilting.  That should be fun, since she will be buying some of the fabric that I am not using.  I need some funds for my Atlantic City bus trip next Saturday.

Well my front porch is finally finished, I am out of money, so the painting and scrapping of the posts we will have to do until some lucky funds fall in my lap to hire someone else to do it.


The cushions on the swing bench have to be covered and the swing has to be painted also.  Ace Hardware is giving away a free quart of paint around Father’s Day.  It might be enough to complete the painting of the frame of the porch so that is a saver.  The grill is coming off the porch.  We already have one in the back yard, so why in the world do you need one on the front porch.  MEN!!!! You have to love them or kick them out.


Good news for me is that I see another job I can apply for that just open up today.  I have until June 11th to get my resume together to fit the job.  I am hoping to get it since I just found out that two of my co-workers will be leaving soon, one has converted over for Foreign Service and will be station in Ethiopia and the other one will be moving to London for her job.  I fell like I am being lift behind.  But it is up to me to get a move on.

Well not sure if I will be going bowling yet, so I will go down and cut my secret blocks and might even have time to sew one.

Until Tomorrow

The Slow Quilter


  1. Good luck on your job application. I know it means a lot.

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