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Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Bag for Me

This was my day off from work and I just had to make me a Bow Tuck Bag, so here it is.
This is the second bag I have made the other one went to a cousin, this one is for me.  It is black and lime green canvas fabric.  The one thing different I did with this one was to attach the ties on before attaching the lining.  I was harder trying to sew the ties on with all the bulk.  I only have to sew on a button and this baby will be going to work with me in the morning with my black and lime green outfit.
Now I am not going bag crazy, but I have pulled out other bag patterns that I have been planning to make, so this is a great way to use up my stash.  I have some other lime green/black canvas fabric different design that I plan to make a bag with.  I always seem to have to make at lest two bags, because I am always given one away and I like it for myself. 
Lord, I am just having sewing fun these days.  Hope I do not burn out before winter.  I have also been looking for a block to do for the Red/White/Blue blog hop in July.  My block will be present I think July 8th (I will have to check schedule).

  This Blog Hop is being sponsor my Jane,s Fabric and Quilt and Sew We Quilt, so please stop on by and see all the RWB blocks.

Well I must go down stairs and clean up my sewing mess, so I will be looking at more fabric to see what I will be using next and what bag I will be doing this week.
Bag with you latter
The Slow Quilter


  1. Love the Bow Tuck bag (got that pattern some where) but really like it in this green.

  2. I love this bag. I am doing a few bags to break up the monotony. I am doing the Mondo bag by quiltsmart. I have tons of fabric for bag making.

  3. Gurl, you need to change your blog title to "Ex Slow Quilter". You are really turning out bags. I love your bags. Where did you get the pattern for the Bow Tuck bag.

  4. Wonderful! You really are very good with the bag patterns. I find them to be difficult sometimes but yours looks very professional. Vera would be jealous if she saw it.