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Monday, March 17, 2014

Snow, Breakfast & Embroidery



More snow in D.C., government closed.  I know you might be tired of the snow so no pictures.  Tom fixed me a big breakfast, since I did not get out of bed until ten.  He must have been hungry and could not wait to see if I was coming down to fix anything.  I would have had a bowl of cereal.

Since I was home today, I thought to get started on my 10th Anniversary exchange blocks.  All blocks have to have the number 10 in them, and since I just to lazy to do applique (which I am not a great fan of, but will do) I decided to do some embroidery blocks. 


As you can see I have a sleep theme going on, with a little Sun Bonnet Sue.  I think I have about 12 or 13 blocks to make by our April meeting, so I might do about 3 each along with the spool of thread I stitched out earlier this week.  I do have an applique block I want to do, 10 bottles of beer on the wall.  Just trying to see how to do 10 bottles of beer on the wall or just maybe one bottles since the other have already have fallen.  Or make the bottle look like it is falling off a wall.

Well, need to clean up my mess an get ready for work tomorrow. 

Blog with you later

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. I am tired of snow too. And 10 more minutes of zzzz's sounds good.

  2. Those blocks are too cute!!

  3. Nice blocks, and nice breakfast!!!

  4. Talk about making great use of your day of....fun!!!