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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TAP, Photo Fabric & Steam-a-Seam II



Just getting home from work, and thought I better post my blog before I get too in gross in my sewing late into the night.  This what I have been working on during D.C.’s snow storm.  It is a signature quilt with pictures.


The pictures were given me some problems.  I know you all have heard of TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) by Lesley Riley, this is a great product for transferring photos to fabric and I have used it before in the pass when doing photo quilt.  This time it was given me more problems then I care to even talk about.


As you can see from these photos, that my pictures were not transferring quite well.  No matter how long, how hot the iron was and how hard I pressed, things were not transferring well.  It must be a bad batch I got.  I like TAP because the pictures last long and do not fad out no matter how often you wash the fabric. 


I had to use the old standby, Photo Fabric by Crafter’s Images, the one that come in a roll.  It is good and the picture came out vibrant, but I know that they will fade in time.


Not sure if you hear that the manufacture of Steam-A-Seam (The Warm Company) had some problems with there product and you have not seen it on the selves lately, put they should be in production soon. You can read about it here they have been sending out updates (http://warmcompany.com/sas-update.html).   I know my quilting friend Yetude (sistah stitch a lot) was crying about not able to find any, since she use it to make her portrait quilts.    Here is one of her portrait quilts.


She loves the Steam-A-Seam II to work on her projects because of the fabric will stick with out having to iron it down and she can get a better feel with it.  It is not stiff.



SAM_2993In my search for a product similar to the Steam-A-Seam I found that Pellon has a product EZ-Steam II that I hope will work like the original Steam-A Seam  II.  I plan on give her a pack of mine since I brought 3 to see if this works for her until The Warm Company brings out the new SAS.

Well, I need to go and take a shower and head back down stairs to work on the quilt.  Once I put it together, I might need your help on boarder color, since it has a scrappy look to it, not sure if I want white or black or some other color.

Also I have a birthday coming up on Feb. 23rd,  (I’ll have to ask the kids how old I will be, I keep forgetting) and I will have a give-a-way soon as I find it I let you know what it is tomorrow.  So keep on reading.

Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

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  1. I like your signature quilt. I have never done one but it is on my bucket list. I didn't know steam a seam was having problems. That stuff is great, so I hope they get the problems ironed out soon. Welcome back.