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Thursday, October 24, 2013

All For Quilting–Eye Candy & Wicked Hop Day 3



Who out there do not like to see some great looking eye candy now and then.  While I was sewing on my Witches, I look or listen to music.  As I was working a song came on “All For Love” with Rod Stewart, Sting and Brian Adams.  Now that is eye candy and the song took me to a new level of thinking.  As quilters we have a Love for our art.  In times of trouble, we band together to help those in need for quilts of comfort, “All For One”, and if your quilting buddy needs a certain fabric that you have in your stash, you are willing to give it to her.  We are “All For One and One For All”.  Hope you enjoy this video.

There is nothing like following a blog hop of Wicked Quilters to wake a person up at the job. Yesterdays hop was a spiders dream, there were spider webs all over the place with one lone Vampire that I would let take a bit out of me, and we cannot dismiss the Witch flying across the moon pillow with a lovely quilt and other great entries to this blog hop.  So check out todays Ghoulish hoping.

Thursday, October 24th

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