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Friday, August 9, 2013

Confession Of A Quilt Blogger



Is there a Quilt Priest out there somewhere? If there was, I would be in confession right now and it would go like this.


Me: Sorry Father for I have sin. It has been at least 3 months since I have quilted any thing or blogged.  I have neglected to finish quilt projects, blogged or send out promised squish mail. My cutting table looks like the fabric is having its own private war. My brain seems to have gone on vacation without me. I have been sick off and on and I worry that my daughter and 2 grandchildren will have to move back into my home.

Quilt Priest: My child, you are forgiven for your sins. I want you to take one week of vacation to catch up with your brain.  Hit the quilt shops for inspiration, straighten up the cutting table, and visit your blogging friends.  Say 3 Quilt Hail Mary’s and be on your way. Your sickness will be behind you and your daughter and grandchildren will be blessed.

For those of you who follow my blog, may now pick yourself off the floor from your laughter.  As you can see, I think my brain is back from vacation.


I have had to Woosah myself back into shape.  Woosah is meditative breaths used to reduce anxiety with the intention of eliminating anger or frustration.  Mostly frustrations at work, an anxiety with family.

Since the heat wave of our short summer is coming to an end, I feel like I am ready to hit the sewing machine again and to play catch up. I am sending out some promised squish mail soon with goodies for 3 lovely ladies who have been waiting. I will be taken a week off from work next week and clean the cutting table and get my fabric back to order. I have a family reunion coming up August 17th and then off to Dallas, TX for a work conference. Any bloggers from Dallas give me a shout out and a quilt shop address to visit.

I am “WOOOOSAHHHH"(ing) my way back to you and my quilting.  So look out here I come.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Welcome back, Slow Quilter! For your penance you must go out and buy three fat quarters in primary colors... ;o)

  2. You have been missed...welcome back.

  3. Heat wave and illness - you deserve a vacation. Yes, breath -

  4. I have missed you. Happy to see you back!

  5. We all need a break sometimes! Welcome back! We missed you!

  6. My daughter and her family (four boys under 8) moved back in temporarily (hopefully just a week or two) so I totally understand your worry about kids moving back in. The older I get the more I just like it to be quiet! I've missed you!