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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Have I been Up To?

Where have I been?  Trying to cool off.  The heat index has been in the 100’s and I have been sweating it out.  I am not complaining since it seem we were never going to see the end of winter.  Mother Nature is still give us hell, but we just have to suck it up and be happy.

I have been off and on sick with sinus problems which ends up with sore throat and fever and then congestion.  But I have been out with the girls.  Just a week ago some of the girls went down over night to Chesapeake Resort to celebrate Charlene’s sisters 80th birthday.  It was an all white affair.  from lift to right is Gwen, Nadine, Pat, Charlene and me. The birthday girl on the bottom, June looks great to be 80.


Last Saturday, Linda (Eat, Sleep, Quilt) and I took a nice drive down to Charles Town Races and Slots, no pictures, too busy winning on the penny slots.  

This Saturday, I final had time to go to a Guild meeting.  UHURU Guild is a great place to interact with like minded women, who take quilting to an all time high.  There is nothing like going to a Guild meeting and getting your creative juices back to working again.  Because mines have been baking in the oven, and still have not come out of the pan.

I did take pictures of show-n-tell, but you know me, I always forget to charge up the camera, so did not get many pictures of some great quilts shown.


Now I am not just sitting around doing nothing.  O.K. I am, most of the week, but I have been working on some projects.  One is pillow case dresses.  I should be finishing them next week and show them off to you.

As you also know I bowl on Friday Nights on a Summer Fun League.  Last night was 70’s night and you come dress up in you 70’s get up.  No, I did not dress for the occasion but some of my friends did.


After getting home from the Guild meeting, I was inspired to work on something.  Then I got a call from my mom, who wanted be to go shopping for her.  Well after hitting the crowded store in this heat, it just cut my enthusiasm for quilting out the window.  An for some reason this song kept playing in my head.  Cruel Summer by Bananarama.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. The heat does take the sap right out of ya for sure. But it does sound like you have found some cool things to keep you busy.

  2. Everyday the weather man talks about the extremely high temperatures in the northeast. Terrible. I hope you get a break from the heat soon. By the way, great pictures. Looks like you have been busy : )

  3. We moan when we have a couple of weeks at temperatures of up to 86 deg. I love the look of the seventies night. I remember it first time round :-) and I found a early seventies kaftan I'd kept. I was so much slimmer then!!
    My sewing has been on hold for a week but I have just started cutting the material for my months Get Your Hex On.

  4. Felicia those pictures of you and your friends are just wonderful and I cannot believe she is 80! She looks younger than me and I'm 66! What a great memory you will have of that fun time. Blessings, Marlene

  5. No way that woman is 80! She looks fabulous. I love the necklace and earrings you are wearing in the photo.

  6. Your a much better woman than I am, I complain about the heat all the time! LOL! Looks like you girls had a great get together. You all look fabulous!

  7. Felicia it looks like you have been haveing a great time with freinds. Yall look so pretty in your white. And your friend that turned 80 is amazeingly beautiful she barely looks 60 if even that ... Try to keep cool and enjoy yourself..